When meeting Amanda, the first thing that you notice is her warmth and enthusiasm. Although described by her friends as quiet and shy, her energy fills a room as she shares a bit of herself with you. A mother of three, inclusive of twins, she has acquired her Bachelor’s Degree from Maryville University in Environmental Science.

Always fascinated with history and old homes, Amanda enjoyed visiting places that were filled with historic architecture. “Williamsburg Virginia was one of my favorite places to visit. I would find myself imagining people living in these homes. Intrigued by what their experiences were like and visualizing their day to day life made me realize how much I enjoyed witnessing and becoming a part of people’s story.”

After spending several years working as an administrative professional, her husband, who had always thought she would be a perfect fit for real estate, convinced her to take the leap. “My husband always said that I can talk to anyone.” It’s easy to see why people are comfortable around her.

After attaining her real estate license and spending time working with other companies for several years, she decided it was time to find a place that offered her more. “I had the knowledge and experience but wanted to be part of a group that felt more like a team or family – a company that offered more direction.” Being brought together by a mutual acquaintance, Amanda had the opportunity to spend time with one of the advisors at GHREA. After a lengthy visit, she felt confident that this was the right move for her.

With a goal and desire to design special programs that will offer help to community members, Amanda is achieving her vision of serving others.

It is easy to see how her personable and inviting demeanor along with her lifelong interest in other people, would make her a great asset to any family that is looking to buy or sell a home.

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